How I can help

My role as a counsellor is to provide a safe space in which you can be totally free to discuss your problems and together we can then explore the reasons for them and find ways of helping to resolve them. This may, for example, include working to free 'fixed’ patterns of thoughts, feelings or behaviour that may be creating emotional problems, spoiling relationships or blocking your progress in life; often it also involves working toward a greater degree of emotional freedom and happiness and an increase in personal choice, will, and self-respect. Some of the many issues that I work with include:

Career counselling.
Critical ‘self talk.’
Domestic violence.
Dream interpretation.
Emotional confusion and upset.
Early childhood problems.
Failure complex.
Identity problems.
Low self-esteem.
Lack of motivation.
Loss and grief.
Mood swings.
Patterns of repetitive & negative outcomes.
People pleasing.
Relationship problems.
Negative patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.
Sexual obsession.
Sexual abuse.
Separation and divorce.
Work related issues etc.

Counselling can help you to:

* Heal emotional pain.
* Remove low-self esteem and become happy and confident.
* Live with emotional honesty, understanding and peace of mind.
* Release blocks in relationships and enjoy success at personal, work and social levels.
* Increase awareness in cultivating creativity, personal power, choice  and growth.
* Be emotionally and psychologically aware; control thoughts, feelings and actions.
* Live congruently and creatively; cultivate continued personal growth and autonomy.

The difference between counselling and psychotherapy.

Counselling often tends to work with specific issues which require only a short period of time to resolve, usually between 6-12 weeks. Psychotherapy follows a deeper perspective and often addresses a broader range of issues which require a longer time to resolve, usually between 3-12 months.