About me & testimonials

Like many men of my generation I was brought up to suppress my feelings and found emotions and relationships very difficult; I suffered from low self-esteem and experienced repeated patterns of emotional upset, disappointment and loss. However, through counselling I learnt how to work positively with emotions and transformed my life - enjoying an exciting and successful career, a wonderfully happy marriage and true, lasting peace of mind.

I worked for thirteen years within Horticultural Education as a Lecturer in Landscape Studies and later as Head of the School of Horticulture at RBG Kew. During this time I was awarded a Nuffield Scholarship to study the Classical Gardens of Mainland China and later, my wife and I moved to Madeira, where I worked for five years running holiday garden tours and a property sales company. For six years I worked as a student Welfare Officer (see testimonial below) and later, In 2001, I studied for a Higher National Diploma in Counselling which I gained at distinction level. (I also have a Diploma in Pyschospiritual Counselling, a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and qualifications in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and advanced Hypnotherapy; I have also studied Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), past life regression and am a Master Reiki healer.)

For the past sixteen years I have worked in private practice and have an excellent record in working with numerous clients helping them to overcome a very broad range of issues. I am patient and sensitive by nature which, combined with my unusually broad life experience, has helped me to work very effectively as an empathic counsellor.

Below are a small sample of the many kind comments I have received over the years (available for verification.)

"I found Graham via the BACP website and, initially not being sure what a 'psychospiritual counsellor' was, approached my first free consultation with some cynicism. Almost immediately I realised this was the right decision as despite my protestations we have achieved so much together. Don't be discouraged or distracted by terminology or labels, Graham is a skilful, knowledgeable, versatile counsellor who has helped me grow in ways I didn't think were possible.

Ever patient, allowing sessions to evolve if needed, Graham has accompanied me on a journey that has led me to identify and change long held beliefs and patterns of behaviour that haven't served me well in the past. As a hard bitten medical professional I was initially cynical but am happy to admit that my experience has been truly life changing. Thank you is in no way enough to express my gratitude for the help in my development I have received from this gentle kind man. I am so glad I found him but also that I allowed myself to trust that he could help me become the person I am today."
Mrs A. (Senior NHS Medical Practitioner - August 2017 ).

"When I met Graham for the first time, I immediately felt comfortable and at ease. Graham's polite, friendly and understanding. As I explained my difficulties, he listened carefully, non-judgementally and with a deep sense of empathy. 
During the proceeding weekly sessions, Graham helped me to explore my own challenges and gain a far better understanding into what exactly was causing me so much distress. Whereas before I had lost all hope, I'm now pursuing many of my dreams I thought were never possible thanks to his help.
Graham is a wise and compassionate man. I'm so pleased I found him. I'll always be grateful for the time we spent together and how my life is so much more enjoyable nowadays. Thanks to him I have gained a highly positive sense of self and an exciting new sense of Life-purpose – something that has greatly enriched my wider family as well as myself." 
Mr. G. M.

"Meeting you was a life changing experience for me. I so needed to be looked after by someone I could trust implicitly and who I could connect with. It was very easy to relax and trust in your company and I learned more than I could ever have imagined. Thank you for offering me that space and sticking with me through it all. I will forever be in your debt. Graham, you have very special qualities as a counsellor and a wealth of knowledge to draw on. When I'm qualified I will lead by your example. I think you're wonderful. You have opened my eyes to a beautiful world!"
Miss J. M.

"I wanted to say a huge thank you for all the work you have done with me over the past few months. The path you have guided me along has not always been easy, but its one I feel privileged and blessed to tread. I feel empowered to continue with my journey and I have a hunch that what lies ahead is going to be truly magical. The wisdom and intuition you have shared with me will always have a special place in my heart."
Mrs D. G.

"I just wanted to let you know what a huge difference you have made to my life and my way of thinking I really appreciate all the help you have given me to help myself. Its such a relief not to spend my time feeling anxious and doubting myself and to understand why other people behave in the way they do. I will never forget all that you have taught me and will try my best to pass the knowledge onto my son."
Mrs S. B.

"I was cautious at first about going through the counselling process as I had a previous bad experience with a psychotherapist, but I have since felt that choosing you was one of the best decisions I have made. …...prior to my counselling sessions, I was suffering with extremely low self esteem, and a fear of rejection which was ruling my life. Since I started the counselling sessions I gained enough confidence and self esteem to make two trips to India entirely on my own. This is something I would not have even contemplated I was capable of doing before my sessions.

From the beginning, I felt very comfortable with Graham’s counselling techniques as he always let me move forward at a pace I was comfortable with, and I have only come out of my comfort zone when I felt ready, and with Graham’s support and guidance. He never made me feel under any pressure, or forced his opinions on me as to what course of action I should take …..I have a particularly sensitive nature, and Graham’s empathic approach has helped me to be able to live with this more easily. He has also opened my eyes to a spiritual side of my nature that I was not aware of before. I have benefited so much from my counselling sessions that I have now started a Level 2 Counselling Skills course with the ambition of becoming a counsellor so that others may benefit from counselling in the same way that I did …...an extremely competent counsellor with a natural ability to help others and achieve long term results."
Mrs S. G.

"During his 13 years with us Graham continued to impress all those with whom he worked and became well respected by students and staff alike. Reputations are not easily won but Graham’s was deserved. He displayed total professionalism whether lecturing or counselling. Among his attributes I would list his competence in all he undertakes, his communication flair, dedication, loyalty and initiative. We are poorer for his departure, his enthusiasm and his gifts."
Dr. J. B.

When I found Graham I was looking for someone who would be able to work with me in a constructive and productive way, who could also have a gentle and caring edge. I wanted to be able to make progress and have help and guidance to ease away a very old life pattern that just seemed to be getting in the way more and more. Graham immediately seemed to tune into my wavelength, was able to really empower me to find the answers I needed and know what to do with them. He was the perfect person for me to work with because he is both spiritual yet very grounded and down to earth. I loved my sessions and am very pleased to say that he enabled me to take the changes I needed to make very quickly, and life is much better for it! Thank you Graham for your care and attention.
Mrs L.C.