Fees & contact

Appointment duration and fees:

Each Appointment lasts 60 minutes (this may occasionally be longer but no extra charge will be made.)
Each appointment is tailored to meet your needs and is normally once or twice a week.

Affordable Fee: 

Counselling/Psychotherapy sessions £55/hr
I am passionate about the benefits of counselling, psychotherapy and relationship life-coaching and I try to make them as affordable as possible. The fee includes detailed 'handout' materials which explain the counselling process step by step and cover the nature of thoughts, feelings and behaviour and their impact upon ourselves and our relationships. The handouts are the result of many years of experience and everyone finds them extremely helpful not only during the counselling process itself but also as a source of ongoing reference material.

Sometimes the therapy work may need to exceed an hour - there is no charge for the additional time

Day, Evening & Weekend appointments available.

To book a free initial appointment please phone me on +44 (0) 1305 816371 / 0753 967 2822 or fill in the form below and click on Submit or

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